Video: Honda debuts trippy new Jazz ad with Garrison Keillor voiceover, interactive iPhone app

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Honda has made some incredible commercials over the years. Remember "The Cog?" How about Commercial of the Decade "Grrr?" Then there is two of our favorites; "Impossible Dream" and "Impossible Dream II." These spots share two common traits: all are voiced by the silky-smooth Garrison Keillor and each is innovative in its own way.

The ad geniuses at Honda are hoping to strike gold once again with a now spot titled "This Unpredictable Life," which features Keillor and a bunch of animated characters. The Honda Jazz (the Fit here in the U.S.) spot itself is well-written and attractively animated, but the innovation comes in the form of an iPhone app that actually communicates with the commercial.

To download the app, simply hit the App Store and type Honda Jazz in the search. The object of the free game is to hold up the iPhone with the app running while the commercial is being played. Any time one of the characters from the game (shown, right) are shown in the commercial, you have to shake your iPhone. As you "catch" the characters, the app gains interactivity whenever you tap on them.

Once you download the app you can hit the jump to play the commercial. Make sure the volume is up on your computer so your phone can sense the sounds in order to tell when you're supposed to shake. We definitely won't guarantee the game is a blast to play, but we're impressed with the creativity in any case.

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