Renault rolls out its own line of tires

Automakers outsource a variety of components to OEM suppliers. The parts could be as small as a screw or as large as the entire car itself, contracting the entire assembly process to outside bidders. But while some automakers make more or less of the parts in-house, one component is always outsourced: the tires.

Renault, however, takes exception to that rule, and in characteristic French defiance is rolling out its own line of tires. Rather than equipping new vehicles with its own rubber, however, the tires are being marketed to existing Renault owners as replacement rubber.

Called the Motrio line, the Renault tires are focused on cutting costs, while maintaining optimal performance and minimal road noise. Now we have but to assume that, even though they're not saying who is, Renault didn't start farming their own rubber and actually building the tires themselves. They're likely made by an existing rubber company to Renault's specifications and under their license. Still, the French automaker is claiming this as an industry first, and we can't help but wonder if they won't extend the project to include sister company Nissan as well.

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Following on from its recently-lowered new car prices by up to £2,000, Renault is continuing to help drive down the cost of motoring by introducing its own high-quality, low-price tyre brand, becoming the first vehicle manufacturer to offer its customers an own-branded tyre.

Available from UK Renault dealers from February 1st, the new Motrio tyre range has been specially developed to suit the requirements of older Renault vehicles with prices starting from just £36 per tyre fully fitted.

The new Motrio range is designed to deliver high performance – in wet or dry weather - and has been tested to Renault's strict specifications to ensure owners can be certain that the performance of the tyre is in harmony with their vehicle.

Two tread patterns feature in the range: Motrio Impulsion maximises driving comfort for the smaller models such as Twingo and Clio while Motrio Impulsion+ offers a more dynamic focus to suit the rest of the range and the firm's sportier models. Both tread patterns though provide almost silent running, even at high speeds, as well as greater steering accuracy, braking efficiency and, thanks to their longevity, reduced maintenance costs.

Commenting on the new Motrio tyre range, Mark Crockett, Director of Service and Quality at Renault UK, said: "After servicing, tyre replacement is the second most frequent reason for a motorist to visit a dealership or workshop and it is also one of the highest value items when maintaining a vehicle. Our new own-brand tyre range, which of course carries Renault's seal of approval, is very competitively priced and in many cases is significantly less expensive than the premium brands helping motorists to reduce their costs without sacrificing on quality."

He added: "The new tyre range is just one reason for motorists to visit their local Renault dealer as the Motrio range also includes batteries, brakes, servicing parts, engine oil, anti-freeze and wiper blades, together with the expertise of our expertly trained Renault technicians."

Prices for the Motrio tyre range start from £36 per tyre fully fitted.

For more information, customers should visit or their local Renault Dealer that can be found here

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