Senna documentary debuts at Sundance

Ayrton Senna biopic trailer – Click above for to watch video after the jump

When Ayrton Senna died at 34, he left a gaping hole in a sport that's cherished by tens of millions around the world. Seventeen years later, the documentary about his life entitled Senna has finally been shown to crowds at the Sundance Film Festival after a long gestation period, and the early reviews are glowing.

Screenwriter and Executive Producer Manish Pandey shared with the Sundance audience that he already showed the film to Ron Dennis, current chairman of McLaren Automotive and former boss of the successful McLaren Formula One racing team. Dennis is a tough man, known for being emotionless and extremely efficient with his time. However, after watching Senna, Dennis reportedly cried for 10 minutes and then spent the next two hour discussing the most un-tamed racing driver the world has ever known.

Follow the jump to watch a trailer for the film. With any luck, this documentary's showing at Sundance has already bagged it a distributor for wider release in the U.S.

[Source: LA Times, YouTube]

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