Report: Minicar maker, Daihatsu, exiting European market

Toyota's extensive portfolio of subsidiaries includes the brand Daihatsu, a relatively unknown name here in the States. Daihatsu offers a lineup of budget vehicles, mostly hatchbacks, and sells some models, such as the Altis, which is nothing more than a rebadged Toyota Camry. Daihatsu focuses on minicars, often offered at rock bottom prices and sold overseas, particularly in European countries.

Not for long, though. Word is that Toyota plans to remove the Daihatsu brand from the European market. The withdrawal will reportedly occur in 2013 and leave the minicar maker with only a handful of countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Chile and a couple of other nations – to sell its vehicles in. Daihatsu withdrew from the North American market in 1992 and ended sales in Australia in 2006.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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