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Julie Hamp Resigns from Toyota | Autoblog Minute

Julie Hamp, Toyota Motor Corporation’s top female executive resigns, amid news of her drug arrest. In the wake of the scandal the Japanese automaker releases a public statement. Autoblog's Mylencia Gillenwaters reports.

Report: Minicar maker, Daihatsu, exiting European market

Toyota's extensive portfolio of subsidiaries includes the brand Daihatsu, a relatively unknown name here in the States. Daihatsu offers a lineup of budget vehicles, mostly hatchbacks, and sells some models, such as the Altis, which is nothing more than a rebadged Toyota Camry. Daihatsu focuses on minicars, often offered at rock bottom pric

Report: Daihatsu leaving European market

More than any other, two carmaking giants sit at the top of the industry: Toyota and General Motors. But while GM sells under a (shrinking but still) expansive range of brands, the Toyota Motor Corporation sells most of its vehicles under its own name. That doesn't mean that Toyota, however, doesn't have its own portfolio of subsidiaries. Here in the United States we have the youth-orient

Jim Cramer says Toyota stock good bet. Big 3? Not so much.

If you've got some cash tucked away somewhere not doing anything (and not already invested in AAPL), Jim Cramer said Tuesday that Toyota is his favorite automotive pick. Actually he said, " BUY! BUY! BUY!"