Top Gear crew spotted in Albania

The hosts of Top Gear have grown into veritable celebrities not just in their native UK, but around the world. So good luck showing up in any country without being seen these days, fellas. After spy shots tipped us off to Clarkson, Hammond and May's presence in Israel a few months ago, we now have visual confirmation that the boys have been to Albania.

The news comes courtesy of Albarent, a local car rental agency that apparently picked up them and their crew at Tirana Airport (Albania's only internantional airport) and drove them south to Saranda on the "Albanian Riviera" in a rental fleet that reportedly included a Mercedes-Benz S350 and a pair of minibuses made by Hyundai and Fiat's Irisbus/Iveco.

We can only imagine what sort of shenannigans took place during TG's time in Albania, but we'll no doubt see the end result during an upcoming episode of the show. Thanks for the tip, Memli!

[Source: Albarent]

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