Report: Audi registers SQ5 and RSQ5 nameplates

Audi sat on the sidelines for long enough watching its rivals get the better of it in the SUV game, then it finally jumped in on the action with the Q7, followed by the Q5 and soon the Q3. But even as its crossover range broadens, there's still another mountain to conquer: that of the performance SUV.

Rumors of impending S and RS versions of the Q5 have been milling about for a while now, and have now been given a voice once again courtesy of Car and Driver magazine's source in Germany. Little in the way of details beyond a brief mention were disclosed, but word has it that Audi has registered both the SQ5 and RSQ5 nameplates with copyright authorities. That doesn't mean any such vehicles will ever reach our roads, but if the reports are true, it does at least indicate Audi's giving it serious thought.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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