The Streets of Monaco super yacht features go-kart track... and everything else

The Streets of Monaco super-yacht – Click above for image gallery

Those who follow the super-yacht scene know that these giant floating mansions have grown to incorporate all manner of amenities: helipads, bowling alleys, swimming pools, garages... anything and everything you might expect in a land-locked residence, only set out to sea. But this... this is something else altogether.

Called The Streets of Monaco, this design is modeled after a section of Monte Carlo – in more ways that one. The headline feature is an on-board karting track modeled after the famous grand prix circuit. But that's hardly the extent of it. As you can see, the design bridges the gap from naval architecture to actual architecture and on to city planning.

Instead of decks, it has buildings. Instead of a swim platform, a freakin' beach. It's also got submarines, helicopters, waterfalls, movie theater, spa and more, plus sleeping accommodations for 16 guests and the 70 crew it would require to keep this puppy going. All packed into 155 meters, length overall. (That's not a typo. We don't mean 155 feet. We mean 155 meters, equivalent to 508 feet.) That's about half the size of a modern super-tanker, cruise ship or Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. For better or worse – seaworthy or not – the design stays on paper for the time being.

[Source: Superyacht Design]

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