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This terrifying kart crash is a reminder that brakes aren't overrated

As Mario said, brakes aren't for slowing the car down.

If you're going karting, don't do what this driver did.

This $900M cruise ship might be the most expensive race track ever

The Norwegian Joy will set sail from China in summer 2017 with a karting track aboard.

Actev Arrow Smart-Kart could be a perfect EV for kids

Wheeeee! but with parental controls.

The new Actev Arrow Smart-Kart puts 12 mph electric karting fun for kids age 5-9. Parents can have fun controlling the speed from a connected app.

The List
The List #0026: Go Karting

From Sport Karts To Shifters, Jessi And Patrick Get Schooled In The Art Of The Kart

The List hosts Jessi and Patrick head to CalSpeed Karting in Fontana, CA to try their hand at shifter kart racing. But first they get schooled in the basics, from "arrive and drive" sport karts to more powerful "touch and go" single-speed TAG karts.

Teens steal go-karts at Lime Rock Park, two in hospital

Five teens broke into Lime Rock Park while it was closed to steal go-karts and drove them around the track. Two of the kids were injured in a crash.

Kart owned by the late Ayrton Senna headed to auction

Bonhams is auctioning a DAP kart driven by late Formula One legend Ayrton Senna in 1981 at the World Championship in Parma, Italy. It's the last kart race Senna entered before switching full-time to Formula Ford 1600.

Racing dispute devolves into kart-flipping brawl

It's a fairly well known fact that racers are quite a competitive sort, not taking well to losing or things that they view as unfair. That's led to some great confrontations over the years, with one of the most recent being the Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe dispute at this year's Indy 500. Few driver spats, though, turn into massive, pit-clearing brawls like this one.

Go-kart driver can't go over the top

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." That must be the motto of the go-kart driver shown in this video. After an attempt to pass on the outside of a dirt oval track, he has a hard introduction with the wall (in what appears to be the worst possible way), but quickly shakes it off and resumes racing.

Razor Crazy Cart may be the coolest kid-size drift car money can buy

It might as well be a fact that if you want to get ahead in the world of motorsports, you need to start young. And since most toddlers can't see over the wheel or reach the pedals in an actual car, karts are the most logical option. Unfortunately, big league karts are not cheap.

Refuel 2013: Rattlesnake Electric Sport go-karts go racing

You know what's a lot – a lot – of fun? Racing. You know what's really expensive? Also, racing.

eGarage makes kids and karting look epic

Meet Curtis. Curtis karts. Curtis has fun karting. Through the work of Christopher Kippengerger, Curtis karting looks kind of epic.

Racing Dreams documentary premiering on PBS in February [w/video]

Racing Dreams is an award-winning documentary that follows the racing exploits of three go-kart racing youths chasing an entry into the world of NASCAR. As we reported before, when Racing Dreams took the podium at the Tribeca Film Festival, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got behind this project as executive producer, and now this documentary is making its broadcast premie

Caterham going karting

Anything you can do, we can do better. Or at least, also. That seems to be the guiding principle over at Caterham these days vis-a-vis its progenitors at Lotus. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Lotus aims to get 'em young with new karting program

Sports recruiting keeps starting at younger and younger ages. While professional-league scouts used to hit the college games, these days they're scoping out the high school fields. And not just for graduating seniors, either. That's certainly the case (minus the school teams) in professional motorsports, where the drivers are getting younger and younger, too.

The next Lewis Hamilton? McLaren signs 13-year-old karting champ

Eighteen years ago, a young Lewis Hamilton walked up to Ron Dennis, introduced himself and told the McLaren chief he wanted to drive for him one day. Thirteen years later he was, and the year after that he won the world championship. It was a turning point in F1 teams recruiting young talent, and one that McLaren is keen to continue.

Video: 125cc shifter karts lap Laguna Seca

Shifter karts at Laguna Seca – Click above to watch video after the jump

Showdown: Rossi versus Alonso, winner wears red

In what's sure to be a competitive affair, MotoGP star Valentino Rossi and Formula 1 ace Fernando Alonso are scheduled to go head-to-head in a race for ultimate Italian bragging rights. One thing's for certain: the winner will wear red.

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