Video: How not to tow your modified Subaru

A lesson in how NOT to tow – Click above to watch video after the jump

Sometimes you have to tow a car. It's generally not a big deal and most of us have been a tower or towee at some point. One rule of thumb when manning the car being towed – leave the keys in the ignition so you don't lock the steering wheel. If you fail to heed these words, as do the chaps you'll see after the break, you might ended up causing some serious damage to your modified Subaru non-operational vehicle

The two gents riding in the Subaru seen in this video were very lucky they only managed to hurt the car. This adventure in towing could have gone way worse... click past the jump and watch the clip to see what we mean, but be warned there is some NSFW language involved.

[Source: YouTube]

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