Report: Honda owners' accounts hacked, millions of customers at risk

The Internet has indeed revolutionized the way people do business, but this doesn't come without some faults. Hackers pose a threat to not only individual people's computers, but to the databases of large corporations, and a recent attack on American Honda now means that 2.2 million owners have had their personal information stolen.

Thankfully, Honda has reassured its customers that no financial information was stolen during the major hack, but names, e-mail addresses and VINs are among the data that was compromised. In addition to the 2.2 million Honda owners affected by this information, 2.7 million Acura owners were also subject to this hack, though Honda reports that only e-mail addresses were stolen from owners of the automaker's luxury brand.

American Honda has contacted these customers, apologizing for the situation at hand and reminding them that false e-mails could come through to their accounts asking for private information. Honda has also set up a FAQ page where owners can easily see what's at stake with this issue.

[Sources: Honda, Inside Line | Image: Drew Phillips/Autoblog/AOL]

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