Video: Creative carpentry - tree branch used as spare tire

A greener kind of spare tire – Click above to watch video after the jump

Man's indomitable spirit and ingenuity are wonderful things – they allow for man to persevere in the most trying of situations. Aron Ralston hacked off his own arm and survived after a boulder trapped him in Blue John Canyon, for example. In this case, one man was tasked with a problem and a need to solve it at any cost. His trailer was missing a wheel – or maybe a wheel and an axle – and a spare was apparently nowhere in sight.

Rather than succumb to the pressure and admit defeat, he did what anyone entering survival mode would do – improvise. Finding a sturdy tree branch, he fashioned it into a support device and set off down the road. Disaster averted.

Hop the jump to see the human spirit in action (or to watch a clever idiot put his and other vehicles at risk - we're really talking about one and the same here).

[Source: YouTube]

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