Video: Ferrari's personalization program gives the 458 Italia endless options

Ferrari Personalisation Programme for the 458 Italia – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Given the extraordinary waiting lists, most Ferrari buyers are probably taking possession of whatever vehicle in whatever specifications they can get their hands on. But if you find someone who ordered theirs directly from the factory and waited the months it took for delivery, ask them how much they paid. Not the list price, but all-in with all the extra bits and pieces. Because anyone who's been through the process will likely tell you that the sticker price is just the starting point.

Beyond the basic options list, Ferrari offers a Personalisation Programme (that's "personalization program" in American) that gives buyers nearly infinite control over every minute detail. And the new 458 Italia is no exception. As you'll see from the video after the jump, there's a whole new range of options – on top of the usual seat belt and brake caliper color choices – that includes unique touches like two-tone paint schemes (for that 599 GTO-style look) and carbon fiber everything, made in the same kilns that bake the components for the Scuderia's F1 racers. Just don't expect them to throw in the extra bits for free.

[Source: Ferrari via World Car Fans]

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