History in the making: long-time electric vehicle advocates finally getting their cars *UPDATE

Whether you've been waiting for ten years or ten days, when you decide to make the switch to an electric vehicle, time can seem to drag by. For years, we've known that the end of 2010 would finally bring us the first example of mass-production plug-in vehicles from major OEMs but that didn't make the wait any easier. With the first deliveries of the first (non-celebrity) Nissan Leaf and the first Chevy Volt sold, that time is finally here. For people like CalCars founder Felix Kramer (pictured, right, with General Motors' Tony Posawatz), it's the next step in a long journey.

Today, Kramer and the other full-time CalCars worker, Ron Gremban, will pick up their new Chevy Volts at Novato Chevrolet in California. Kramer sent out a message to his list announcing the event, and you can tell there's a little bit of jealousy in the line, "Andy Frank, who will join us, managed to get his yesterday at his Sacramento-area dealer." We wish we could hear what the three will say about finally being able to take home a car technology they've fought so long for – CalCars started in 2002 and both Frank and Gremban have been working on plug-ins for decades – but if we know Kramer, he'll make sure it gets online soon. Congrats!

UPDATE: As predicted, Felix has posted thoughts and links about it all here.

[Source: CalCars | Image credit: CalCars]

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