When go-karts attack – Click above to watch the video

Ever see those Tour de France crashes that start with one guy in Spandex shorts face-planting into the cement and ends up with 30 or 40 cyclists cascading like dominoes? It's a horrific site to be sure; one that gets replayed dozens of times on sportscasts the world over. These chain-reaction crashes happen in motorsports, but the pileups aren't usually as robust. Or are they?

Beyond the jump is video of one go-karter who sideswipes a barrier, which sets off a wet track karting collision extraordinaire. The video is only 17 seconds long, but we guarantee that this Monaco affair contains all the carnage action you'll need to see to feel better about your day. And while the go-karts look like they're moving pretty darn fast, it doesn't appear as though anyone was hurt. Hit the jump to watch 52-kart pickup.

[Source: YouTube]

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