Tron Light Cycle Replica by Parker Brothers Choppers – Click above to watch the video after the break

The overpriced custom chopper fad seems to be over, but that doesn't mean enterprising individuals aren't still welding together custom motorcycles in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Exhibit A: The $55,000 custom Tron Light Cycle replica from Parker Brothers Choppers in Florida.

The standing-out-from-the-crowd part is easy enough... just looking at this thing in the garage is likely enough of an enticement that the builders will be able to sell the 10 machines currently planned for production. The actual act of riding one of these suckers, though, looks to be the significantly more difficult part of the equation.

Want proof? Check out the video after the break, where a couple of guys (presumably the builders) take their creation out for a quick spin in a parking lot. First, note how wide the bike is, both in the middle where the rider's legs are splayed and at the front, where the clip-on handlebars are wide enough to clip side mirrors down a narrow street – necessarily so due to the ridiculously wide tires. Looks comfy, no?

Power comes from a 1,000cc liquid-cooled V-twin cribbed from a Suzuki TL, which means the Light Cycle replica should be plenty fast in a straight line. With 474 pounds of mass, a 100-inch wheelbase and those aforementioned steamroller tires, we'd bet that handling won't exactly be this machine's strong suit. See for yourself in the video after the break.

[Source: Parker Brothers Choppers via Wired]

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