The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is looking into issues with 2006 Honda CR-V models and 2007 Kia Optimas. According to The Detroit News, both vehicles have garnered a fairly small number of complaints – just three each – for separate problems. In the case of the CR-V models, owners have experienced electrical failures that led to fires in the driver's side door. Owners claim that the master window switch overheated, causing the damage. NHTSA is looking into around 150,000 of the Honda models.

Meanwhile, the agency is investigating 41,000 Kia Optimas for faulty transmission shift cables. Owners have reported problems with the cables becoming detached from the transmission, effectively locking the vehicle into or out of gear. In one case, a vehicle rolled away after being shut off. The Detroit News reports that Kia has issued a service bulletin concerning improperly-installed shift cables that may detach over time.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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