Former Australian politician Jeff Kennett going crazy for Kool Mints – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jeff Kennett is the former premiere of the Australian state of Victoria. During a recent radio show appearance, the conversation came to an Aussie candy called Choo-Choo bars, and that turned into a discussion on all kinds of candy. When the host mentioned Kool Mints, though, Kennett perked up, said "They play a very important role in life," and then began to relate how the sugar in Kool Mints absorbs alcohol in the body.

That was followed by advice to everyone that "if you're ever stupid enough to drink and drive," you should keep Kool Mints in the car to get the alcohol out of your system. The funniest thing the vid could be the radio host valiantly trying to derail Kennett's Kool-Mint train in every possible way short of yanking the mic away. The video is after the jump, and in case you're wondering, the mints won't do any such thing. Hat tip to Liam.

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