Video: Ferrari's F1 drivers ride world's fastest roller coaster

Massa and Alonso ride the Ferrari World roller coaster – Click above to watch video after the jump

Until now, we've had only a passing interest in Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World theme park. Sure, the museum looks like a swell place to spend an afternoon or three, but past that, we could do without the brand indoctrination. Then we saw the video after the jump. We all knew that Ferrari World would boast a roller coaster as one of its main attractions, and that the Prancing-Horse-on-rails would be one of the quickest such contraptions on the planet. In fact, Ferrari's coaster, named the Formula Rossa, is the fastest roller coaster in the world with a top speed of 149 miles per hour. Nevertheless, we weren't really prepared for exactly how fast the ride would look on the faces of its riders.

Ferrari has dropped a video of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso taking the coaster for a quick spin, and judging from the faces of the two racers, the attraction is plenty quick. Top speed is a staggering 149 mph, and with no wind-screen to speak of, there's nothing to protect the riders' faces from the unflattering effects of wind speed. Hilarity ensues.

Hit the jump to see the video of the madness.

[Source: YouTube via Motor Authority]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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