Since the Peugeot iOn is a rebadged Mitsubishi i-MiEV, isn't it kind of unfair to give Peugeot a first place eCarTec award for electric cars? Maybe, but that's what's happened in Bavaria, Germany, where the federal state of Bavaria handed out the award as part of the second annual eCarTec international trade fair. To be fair, the iOn does will be available in Europe later this year, something that can't be said for the i-MiEV. Aside from bragging rights, Peugeot will also get €7,500 ($10,461 U.S. at today's exchange rates) in prize money.
There were other electric vehicle eCarTec awards, including one for Drive Technology that was won by Infineon for its microcontrollers in electric bicycles. The Internet doesn't seem to show quite yet who the winners for the electric motorcycle and electric utility vehicle were, but we do know that ast year, Zero Motorcycles won the eCarTec award for "Best Electric Motorcycle."

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eCarTec Award 2010: the Peugeot iOn wins another accolade in Germany.

- The federal state of Bavaria creates the eCarTec Awards - The Peugeot iOn comes first in the "Electric Car" category

To mark the 2nd edition of the eCarTec international trade fair (Munich), this year the federal state of Bavaria created the eCarTec Awards to recognise outstanding initiatives and innovations in the field of electric mobility.

Featuring representatives of the TÜV, the inspection and standardisation body, the ADAC, the biggest auto club in Germany, and the German association Solare Mobilität, the jury was called on to select the most significant achievements and projects from a list of 113 in seven categories including electric vehicles (cars, 2-wheeled, light utility), electric drive technology, energy storage systems and recharge infrastructures.

In the "Electric Cars" category, the jury awarded first prize to the Peugeot iOn which at the end of this year will become the first 100% electric new generation vehicle to be marketed in Europe.

The jury hailed the numerous positive features of the Peugeot iOn, a zippy and responsive electric, 4-seater, 4-door city car of 3.48 m in length, delivering 47 kW (64 hp) for a top speed of 130 km/h and whose Lithium-ion battery offers 150 km of autonomy over a standard European cycle.

It also highlighted the fact that the iOn offers levels of comfort and safety which are comparable to small combustion engine cars.
With the eCarTec Award, Peugeot's commitment to electric vehicles, which represents one of the central planks of its global strategy to reduce emissions and support sustainable development, once again attracted the plaudits in Germany, following the prestigious "Öko Globe" awarded to the Peugeot iOn on 7 September.

Peugeot is the only Marque to deploy an overall mobility offer with passenger and utility vehicles, scooters, bicycles and a wide range of services. Present in 160 countries with 10,000 contact points, Peugeot combines rigorous standards and exciting ideas all over the world. On the strength of 200 years of inspiration, in 2010 Peugeot is renewing its style lines, its visual identity, completing its mobility offer and asserting its international ambitions. The Marque continues its development with the launch of the RCZ, a special edition vehicle, the iOn, a 100% electric vehicle and the 408 in China, as well as three new models in Latin America

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