Paddock Hacks – Click above to view teaser after the jump

So there are a lot of farm animals in New Zealand – last we checked there were at least six sheep for every one human. And they graze in paddocks, essentially giant sweeps of countryside. And when the sheep aren't around, or, it appears, sometimes even when they are, the average New Zealander likes to engage in a sport called "paddock hacking." That is when you take a clapped out junker and fly that sucker over and through and into anything else occupying the paddock. Think of it as 24 Hours of Lemons meets Home on the Range. With sheep.

Now, since we can't find any official information on Paddock Hacking, we've pieced this together from what's in the video above. That video was sent to us by a New Zealander who's working on a pilot for a television show on the subject. We have no idea what kind of season-long dramatic arc you can get from Death Race cars and trucks rampaging over green antipodean hills, but it's fun enough for now. Follow the jump for the action.

[Source: White Balance Pictures]

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