Onya Cycles! Front-End Loader – Click above to watch video after the jump

It's crude and looks like nothing more than a dreamy garage project created in a single weekend, but Saul Griffith's electric Front-End Loader aims to answer the question: who needs a car when you've got pedals and battery power instead? Griffith, inventor and entrepreneur, probably looked at the current crop of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), turned to glance at a bicycle and decided to design a battery-powered bike that could handle the simple grocery-getting duties that NEVs tackle with ease.

Griffith's company, Other Lab, established Onya Cycles! to build a lineup of innovative bikes intended to replace cars for local errand runs. The electric bikes include the Mule cargo bike, the ET and a tricycle, appropriately called the Front-End Loader. GigaOM interviewed the man who dreamed up this unique lineup of heavy-lifting, go-anywhere-without-pedaling bikes. With enough grunt to tackle to toughest of hills and power to exceed 20 miles per hour, these electric bicycles almost make us wonder about the future of NEVs. We could ramble on, but what's the point. Hit the jump to watch the electric Front-End Loader in action.

[Source: Giga OM]

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