Mercedes-Benz E 200 NGT

Mercedes-Benz has been developing and testing fuel-cell vehicles for more than a decade and will begin leasing its pricey B-Class F-Cell to a limited group of Californians this fall, but the automaker's alternative powertrain focus is not limited to hydrogen alone. Mercedes has a bevy of green vehicles either in production or coming soon and those offerings run the gamut from hybrids and electrics to clean diesels and even downsized-engine models. Apparently, natural gas-powered vehicles are a focus of the company as well.

Mercedes will launch a CNG version of its E-Class sedan in Germany just in time for Christmas this year. Though the automaker has no plans to export the CNG-powered sedan to the U.S., Sascha Simon, department manager of advanced product planning for Mercedes-Benz, told Green Car Advisor that the option to export definitely exists. Simon said that the automaker is keeping a keen eye on the U.S. and, if a market for CNG vehicles develops, both the B-Class and E-Class could accommodate natural gas setups without a redesign. Look for both vehicles to make the trip across the Atlantic if demand, well, demands it.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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