Judging from the statistics that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recently released, distracted driving is a big problem here in the States. Researchers have found that one of the largest sources of distraction behind the wheel comes from hand-held devices – cell phones, smart phones, media players and the like. According to The Detroit News, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has mentioned that he would like to see some sort of visual warning on cell phones alerting users to the dangers of using the devices while behind the wheel.

However, the suggestion isn't likely to evolve into a full-fledged motion by NHTSA. LaHood simply made the comment off-hand during an interview, but that doesn't mean that mobile phone makers weren't paying attention. The handheld phone industry has said that it will meet with LaHood to discuss the possibility, though its products come with a warning about being careful while operating them.

Would it help? We seriously doubt it. Mobile phones have evolved into too great a temptation for most drivers to ignore while behind the wheel, and another visual warning isn't going to do too much to change that.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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