eBay Find of the Day: Ex-Bondurant Cobra-engined Roush Ford Crown Victoria [w/video]

Ex-Bondurant Cobra-engined Roush Ford Crown Victoria – Click above for high-res image gallery

We're aching for some seat time in the the new Ford Police Interceptor, but given our choice of flogging one of the new-school bruisers or one of the old-school cruisers, we know which one we'd take. And it just happened to appear on eBay Motors. Used as an ex-Bondurant Driving School car, this 1999 Crown Victoria is just one of eighteen cars built by Roush for Bob Bondurant's school. Number 15, to be precise.

Under the hood sits a 320-horsepower 4.6-liter V8 engine plucked from the 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra. The typical police-issue slushbox has been nixed in favor of the T45 five-speed manual normally reserved for SVT Cobra duty. The front and rear suspension setup features Eibach springs and solid sway bars, and the go-fast action can be brought to a quicker halt thanks to a set of Brembo rotors, Hawk pads and Baer steel-braided brake lines. The car is also fitted with a Corbeau driver's seat and five-point safety harness, four-point harnesses for the other seats and a fully-integrated roll cage. If that isn't enough, this potential super-sleeper has a Halon fire suppression system should things get a little warm in the cabin.

The good news is that you can put this car in your driveway by parting with 20,000 of your hard-earned dollars, or perhaps somewhat less if you're a savvy bidder. The bad news? it's not street legal. It's a purpose-built machine for Bondurant and has never been registered or titled. Track beater anyone?

Hop on over to eBay to see the listing to see the specs and hop the jump to see this big black beast in action.

[Source: eBay Motors | Image: Challenger Motorsports]

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