Volkswagen continues its executive shell game. The company has announced that Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert will take the reigns as its new chief product strategist. If you follow the comings and goings of auto execs, Wolpert's name likely sounds familiar. He's the hardy soul who brought the most successful model in Porsche's history to life: the Cayenne. Wolpert will slide into the void left by Matthais Mueller, who takes over as the new CEO of Porsche.
Stay with us, now – this where things get tricky.

Michael Macht, Porsche's former CEO, will step into Jochem Heizmann's old role as VW production boss. Heizmann, meanwhile, will stay on the company's board as the head honcho over its truck division.

This sort of interbreeding between Volkswagen and Porsche was bound to accelerate once the two seriously joined forces. VW is well on its way toward taking over vehicle manufacturing operations at the sports car company, and in the future, we're likely to see the two share platforms and even engines.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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