Top Gear producer on Stig book: "He's ours"

Who is the Stig? That question is consistently one of Google's top queries, proving the world wants to know the identity of Top Gear's masked racing driver. But... ask yourself again, Do you really want to know who the Stig is?

As pointed out by Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, part of the reason we all care so much about the Stig is because of the mystery surrounding his identity. What's more, his character is owned and was created and nurtured by the BBC – just the same as a camera or the film used to record a scene belongs to the British broadcaster, so does intellectual property like this suspiciously fast driving character.

We can't argue with that, especially after reading Wilman's take on the subject. Perhaps once the man behind the mask is no longer under the employ of the BBC and bound by his signed contract, we'll be free to know his true identity and read his memoirs. Until then, though, Top Gear seems ready to do all it can to keep the Stig's alter ego a closely guarded secret. Including fighting a battle with HarperCollins in court to keep an autobiography from being published.

'Course, if you don't care about any of that, click here for a possible spoiler...

[Source: Top Gear]

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