Report: BBC blocking The Stig's memoirs

Some say he's a literary giant, and that a portion of his autobiography is featured on the Rosetta Stone. All we know is, he's ticked off the BBC bosses by seeking to publish his memoirs. According to UKPA and ESPN, the tame racing driver has written the tale of his life and wants to share it with the world. The only problem is doing so would violate the confidentiality agreement in the Stig's contract. The Beeb is also arguing that revealing his identity would ruin Top Gear for the millions of fans of the show around the world.

Supposedly there are only a scant few people who actually know the Stig's true identity, including Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. As the UKPA points out, each of those presenters has gone on to other money-making projects outside of the Top Gear realm, leaving the poor Stig to take out his frustrations on the reasonably-priced car. We don't necessarily see what the BBC is so concerned about. It's not like anyone reads Morse code these days anyway.

[Source: UKPA, ESPN]

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