Researchers at Kettering University, along with officials from Swedish Biogas International and Flint, MI Mayor Dayne Walling have unveiled Flint's first biomethane-powered truck. Students and faculty members at Kettering set out on the ambitious project of converting a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD to run on a duel-fuel system supplied by Baytech. Corporation. The converted truck can automatically switch between good ol' gasoline and the renewable alternative fuel, biomethane.
It gets better (i.e., more local). The converted truck will run on homegrown fuel from Flint's relatively new Wastewater Treatment Plant and Swedish Biogas project. The plant, constructed alongside the city's waste water treatment facility, produces and purifies methane from the sewage. Both the converted truck and Flint's biogas production site came to fruition along with the help of collaborative partners, including Swedish Biogas International, Kettering University, the city of Flint, C.S. Mott Foundation and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. It may have taken a significant amount of time and the generous help of many, but a biomethane-powered vehicle has now been added to Flint's automotive history.

[Source: Kettering University]

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