Ever since General Motors began gradually phasing out production facilities in the Flint, MI area in the early 1980s, the city that gave birth to the ailing automaker 100 years ago has been struggling to remake itself. Most of those efforts have been miserable failures (see: AutoWorld theme park). The latest plan revolves around trying to become a hub of green transportation technology. Flint was chosen as the site of the factory that will build the engines for the Chevy Cruze and Volt, assuming GM survives that long. The city is also teaming up with Kettering University and Swedish Biogas International to produce biogas from sewage. A facility will be constructed alongside the city's waste water treatment plant to produce and purify methane from the sewage. The aim is to start using the methane to power city buses starting in mid-2009. Initially, the biogas is expected to be more expensive than gasoline, but the Swedish company hopes to get that cost down to about 20 percent lower than gasoline, eventually.
[Source: Detroit News]

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