Take the Honda CR-Z on a virtual race with 3 Mode Mania

Got a hankering to waste some of your precious Thursday evening on a video game? Like hybrid cars? Well then, we've got great news for you! Honda has gone ahead and created the online game of your wildest dreams: 3 Mode Mania. Naturally, the subject of the game is the new 2011 CR-Z, and, as is the case with just about every racing game ever created, the goal is to drive along a course as quickly as possible.

There are three tracks to choose from, a bunch of CR-Zs in multiple colors and, as its name suggests, three different modes (Econ, Normal and Sport), each a bit faster and harder than the previous. Give it a whirl. It's certainly not the best automotive video game we've ever played – in fact, it's probably one of the worst – but perhaps it'll give you something to do while passing the time until the So You Think You Can Dance results show comes on... Check it out here.

[Source: Honda via Carscoop]

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