It shouldn't be a surprise that, at a conference called Plug-In 2010, we can find a bunch of plug-in vehicle charger companies. Schneider Electric is here in San Jose, CA and wants to be known not for wireless charging or having a stylish home unit but for being your one-stop shop for "electric vehicle charging solutions." Rich Korthauer, Schneider's business director of final distribution, said the company has a presence in most American homes (go ahead, check the name on your circuit breaker. There's a better-than-70 percent chance it's a Schneider box) and is a global company with a lot of potential to bring electric-vehicle chargers to a lot of people.

Korthauer showed off a bunch of its Square D smart charging stations to the media, including Level 1 and 2 standard home chargers, a cheaper, economically-priced home charger and a number of Level 2 chargers designed for use in commercial parking lots. Level 3 fast chargers are also part of the portfolio. Schneider is a big electronics company, but has only recently gotten into the EV space: it announced a partnership with Parkeon last month, "to provide local authority clients with a unique solution to manage urban parking facilities integrated with an electrical vehicle charging infrastructure" and has 135 chargers in use as part of a trial in Strasbourg, France with EDF and Toyota. One thing the company has learned: as Coulomb explained last year, charger companies can't actually sell electricity in the U.S. Instead, Schneider plans to get people to pay to park in the space near the charger and will then charge up for "free."

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Schneider Electric Announces Plans for Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Global energy management leader introduces strategy and product roadmap for electric vehicle market at Plug-In 2010

Palatine, Ill. – July 27, 2010 – Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced plans for delivering a comprehensive portfolio of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Schneider Electric will offer a complete spectrum of EV charging infrastructure, smart-grid integration, services and management in one complete solution to help speed adoption of EVs globally. These charging solutions address the needs of all EV stakeholders, including automotive manufacturers, municipalities, utilities, commercial and government entities as well as consumers.

Schneider Electric's EV charging solutions will include Square D™ smart charging stations and smart grid technology. Schneider Electric is leveraging decades of electrical and energy management expertise and global reach to offer a safe, reliable and convenient charging infrastructure where consumers live, work and play. Smart grid connectivity will play a critical role in helping utilities manage the added load EVs will bring to the electric grid. Key features of the Schneider Electric EV charging solutions will include the following:

o In residential settings, consumers will have access to Level I and II Square D charging stations that offer an easy-to-use solution for charging their electric vehicles at home, in apartment complexes or condominiums. These stations, which meet all NEMA requirements, can be mounted to a garage wall or installed as an outdoor pedestal mount. Intelligent communication and smart grid integration capabilities will be offered in advanced versions.
o In commercial settings, the Level II Square D charging stations will provide public and private-access charging where consumers typically park their cars – such as office buildings, parking lots/decks, retail parking areas and more.
o Schneider Electric will also offer a modular Level II charging solution for fleets – including federal government and private fleet locations that require multiple charging points and fleet management.
o Level III Square D fast-charging stations will be introduced for customers needing a quick charge, such as drivers on-the-go. The fast-charging stations will ultimately allow drivers to re-charge EVs as conveniently as they re-fuel at gas stations today. In addition to standalone fast-charging stations, infrastructure owners will have the option to install multiple units managed by a centralized control system in order to provide their customers with convenient access to charge their electric vehicles away from home.
o Schneider Electric will offer Infrastructure Management Solutions that provide advanced communication, connectivity and efficiency for their EV charging stations. Options will include monitoring, reporting and smart-grid capabilities, such as energy management, revenue management, energy usage reports, advanced alert notification and more.
o Schneider Electric, through its own Services organization as well as its established channel partners and electrical contractors, will offer installation and maintenance services to help ensure reliable servicing of the charging stations and a positive customer experience.

"As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric intends to be a leader in this emerging market and play a key role in helping our customers make the most of their energy related to electric vehicle transportation," said Allen Breeze, senior vice president, Energy Business, Schneider Electric. "With our extensive energy management expertise and strong industry relationships, Schneider Electric is in a position to deliver comprehensive EV charging solutions that are innovative, safe, reliable and efficient."

Schneider Electric currently has pilots and partnerships underway in North America and Europe. Schneider Electric recently signed an agreement with urban mobility specialist Parkeon in June 2010 to provide local authority clients with a unique solution to manage urban parking facilities integrated with an electrical vehicle charging infrastructure. Additionally, in April 2010, Schneider Electric announced that it will provide electric vehicle chargers for the plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) trial in Strasbourg, France being conducted by EDF and Toyota. Schneider Electric's 135 chargers are being installed in the partner company's parking lots and at the homes of participating Strasbourg residents.

Square D by Schneider Electric charging stations and services will be available in the coming months in North America. For additional information, visit:

Schneider Electric is exhibiting at the Plug-In 2010 conference taking place July 26-29, 2010 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, in San Jose, CA. Come see Schneider Electric's electric vehicle charging solutions at booth # 515.

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