Some say the BBC is launching an investigation... all we know is, he's not The Stig

It would seem that someone is going through the trouble of staging an elaborate ruse by pretending to be none other than The Stig – at least, according to the BBC. An article in the North-West Evening Mail says that one Martin Perzylo recently spotted a suspiciously mute, white-suited individual blasting down the M55 in a Porsche. Perzylo followed the figure for about 30 minutes until the pretender to the test-driving throne pulled off and into a service station, followed by a convoy of Land Rovers wearing Top Gear logos. Despite an array of bodyguards on hand to make sure the imposter Stig kept his (her? its?) helmet on, Perzylo was brave enough to ask for a photo, and the individual obliged.

The BBC is none too happy about the incident, claiming that whoever was wearing the white racing suit and helmet was not The Stig. Really? We can't imagine too many folk with the means to wrangle up a Porsche, a convoy of Land Rovers and matching security would spend their time rolling around the British countryside pretending to be a TV celebrity. But then again, this sort of thing has happened at least once before. Either way, the broadcasting company says that it has launched an inquiry into the incident. You can hop over to the North-West Evening Mail to see the photo for yourself.

[Source: North-West Evening Mail]

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