The man behind the mask: Top Gear's Stig stares back

One of the greatest wonders of the modern world is how Top Gear has managed to keep the identity of its tame racing driver, the Stig, secret all this time. The biggest clue yet to his identity surfaced yesterday when a revealing picture was taken of the always-helmeted Stig. Thanks to flash photography, the helmet's tinted visor was momentarily rendered useless giving us a clear view of the Stig's eyes. Unfortunately, all we get is his steely gaze, not enough to make a definitive ID. Is it Lewis Hamilton? Is it one of but many Stig stand ins? Is it our own Damon Lavrinc Hill? Who knows, but we can now say for certain that the Stig does not wear glasses, which eliminates at least half of the world's population. Click the source below to see the pic in full and let us know in the comments who you think the man behind the mask is.

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