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Report: BBC planning Top Gear video game

The BBC is planning to turn some of its most popular shows into video games, and along with Doctor Who and a kiddie show called The Night Garden, the Beeb is considering a console version of our favorite motoring show, Top Gear. There's not a lot (or any) information on how the Top Gear game will work, but we do know that the BBC is most interested in creating the games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. However, the BBC is also interested in a Facebook game as well as an iPhone version.

Since we don't know anything, let's speculate. How would a Top Gear video game work? Naturally, there'd be a driving component where you take various cars around Top Gear's famed test track. Even better than that, you could take various cars around the track as different Top Gear presenters, including the Stig. Perhaps you could recreate some of the classic battles, like when Jeremy Clarkson and the Audi R8 took on Richard Hammond in the Porsche 911 (available after the jump).

Obviously, we could go on for some time here. So we'll just say that we hope there's a Mortal Kombat style level where the boys get to rip each others' spines out, and leave the rest of the speculating to you, our dear readers.

[Source: Electric Pig]

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