Gordini edition Renault Megane and Wind reportedly underway

Renault Wind – Click above for high-res image gallery

Following decades of absence, French racing enthusiasts were suitably enthused by the return of the Gordini line. Whether the cosmetic packages that have heralded its comeback are up to snuff is another matter, but according to reports from across the ocean, a couple more are on their way.

We initially reported on the marque's comeback a year ago and brought you the unveiling of the new Gordini Twingo and Clio from the Geneva show this past March. Based on the existing RenaultSport models, the Gordini editions revive the blue-and-white livery of their forebears in an exclusive new package. Feel free to check out high-res image galleries of those cars after the break. Now, it appears that Renault is preparing to give the same treatment to the Megane and the Wind.

In the case of the Megane, a RenaultSport version is already available and widely acclaimed. Reports of a Wind Gordini, however, also suggest that an RS version of the diminutive roadster is on the way as well. So if the racing stripes weren't enough to pique your interest, RenaultSport's legendary tuning prowess in an open-air package should. Or at least give us another European sports model to pine for.

[Source: Cardisiac]

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