Queen Elizabeth II's 1984 Daimler Double Six LWB up for auction

Queen Elizabeth II's 1984 Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon – Click above for high-res image gallery

The list of accolades and honorifics attributed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II goes on for miles. Not only is she the Queen of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom – the longest-serving monarch in their respective histories, at that – but she's also the reigning queen of an additional 15 sovereign nations and the head of state for 54 members of the commonwealth. She's head of the Church of England, titular commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces, Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy and, for some strange reason, Admiral of Nebraska. (Seriously. Look it up.) Her Majesty is also a keen driver, having driven ambulances during the Second World War, known to change tires on her own (how many monarchs can say that?) and is still seen driving herself around on occasion. And for several years, this was her car.

This Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon (the upscale version of the Jaguar XJ12) was built by Jaguar for Her Majesty's use in 1984. Before its delivery to Buckingham Palace, it underwent over 2,000 miles of testing to iron out any kinks, after which it became the Queen's personal vehicle, transporting her an enumerable dignitaries – princes, princesses and prime ministers – to various events and in between palaces and estates across the kingdom. Elizabeth II was known to drive it herself much of the time, blissfully immune as she is to any traffic offenses.

The specially built luxury saloon was equipped with a long list of special features, from special communications systems and flashing lights to a rear bench requested by the Queen to accommodate her pet dogs. During its service and ever since, it's been maintained exclusively by Jaguar and the royally-appointed garage, Guy Salmons in Royal Ascot Berkshire, undergoing regular VIP maintenance to keep it in as-new condition. Following its retirement from active service, it was returned to the Jaguar Heritage Museum Browns Lane where it has remained since.

Jaguar is now putting it up for auction at the hands of RM Auctions during Pebble Beach weekend in Monterey, California. It's the first time a royal limousine has been offered for sale publicly in the United States, and, as Jaguar says it will never offer another again, very well may be the last. At least, until Bentley sells off any of those bio-fueled limos. Follow the jump for full details in the press release, and check out the images in the gallery below for a closer look.

[Source: RM Auctions]
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1984 Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon (Queen Elizabeth II's personal car)

To be offered at auction WITHOUT RESERVE ,Friday, August 13, 2010
Chassis No. SADDDRLW3CC393721
Estimate: $60,000-$80,000 US
295 bhp, 5,343 cc SOHC V12 engine, three-speed automatic transmission, coil spring independent front and rear suspension, and four-wheel power disc brakes. Wheelbase: 112.75"

- Personal car of HRH Queen Elizabeth II
- Complete history and documentation
- In Jaguar company ownership from new
- About 41,000 miles from new
- Several modifications for Her Majesty's use
- The first and only uniquely prepared personal Queen's car offered publicly in the US

Delivered new to Buckingham Palace for the personal use of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England, in October 1984, this fully loaded top-of-the-range 12-cylinder Daimler Double Six represents a unique opportunity to own a serious piece of automotive history which was the personal transportation for the most famous and photographed lady in history. Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning Monarch of not only England and Britain but is also head of the Commonwealth and has been for over 50 years. The relationship between Daimler and the Royal Family is an established one, spanning over half a century and including the Queen's Father George VI.

The build of chassis no. 393721 was completed at the Jaguar factory in Coventry, England during the summer of 1984, in the month of July. The car then underwent extensive road testing by head engineers of the factory for a total of some 2,000 to 3,000 miles to remove and correct any issues before being transported to Buckingham Palace and delivered to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Over the next three years, the Queen enjoyed this Daimler as her own personal car in which she would travel around her vast Windsor Estate as well as in and out of London to visit friends and family. The car was also used for local and lower profile engagements.

Her Majesty is a keen motorist, having served in the transport corps of the British Army during the Second World War, driving ambulances and even changing wheels on the vehicles herself.

She used this car to travel to church each Sunday in Windsor Great Park and, over a period of three years, recorded some 12,000 miles in this fabulous Daimler V12. During this three-year period, she would often have other members of the family with her, and this would include the late Princess of Wales Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince William, The Queen Mother, Prince Philip her husband, as well as friends and important dignitaries such as the then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to name a few.

The car would also travel with The Queen to her winter retreat Balmoral in Scotland for Christmas, as well as Sandringham, her summer retreat.

In 1990, it was replaced by the factory for another Daimler model and was then used by several members of the family as well as some Royal Security before being returned and kept at the factory in 1991, with a total of some 29,000 miles recorded. Since that time, it has been exercised regularly and used for important events. Current mileage stands at a little over 41,000 miles.

This car has clearly been maintained to the highest possible standards and was always returned to the factory for VIP maintenance, which is recorded in the original service book. The Daimler has recently been serviced within the last 20 miles at the current Royal appointed garage, Guy Salmons in Royal Ascot Berkshire, who also charged the air conditioning at the same time. The car is presented in superb mechanical condition and drives as-new.

Currently, it is registered to the Jaguar Heritage Museum Browns Lane at the factory, the previous owner being Jaguar VIP Leasing. In other words, it has always been in the ownership of the Jaguar car company.

The car was outfitted with every extra available at the time, with a couple deviations from stock, including a blue convoy light fitted in front of the rearview mirror to enable security teams to identify the car more easily at night and to be more visible in the event of a security threat to the Queen. This light is also recognized by the gate security at both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Additionally, a full length rear seat cushion was fitted instead of the standard twin cushion. This was requested by Her Majesty to enable her three pet Corgis at the time to travel more securely and comfortably.

A rear antenna mount is still fitted to the car, to which the radio communications package was fitted, allowing for a direct link to the Home Office and Downing Street. The fog-lights in front are wired to flash at regular intervals when the car was in official use.

The registration number has been changed by Jaguar on its return to the factory for security purposes, although a set of registration number plates with the original Royal number, as used by the Queen, are included with the car, as are several photographs of Her Majesty driving and enjoying this superb motor car.

All handbooks and all informative documents are complete with the Daimler, as are all tools, keys, etc. In fact, the car comes complete with all documentation from the vehicle's entire 26-year life, including an official stamped Heritage certificate from the Jaguar factory.

The car has been cleared of all red tape and restrictions and can now be enjoyed in the US/North America immediately with no changes to the specification whatsoever and is allowed to be registered as is, in its complete and original form.

It has been confirmed that no Royal cars will be released again by the factory, and therefore this is a unique opportunity to obtain a car with highly important and unique provenance connected to the Queen of England. This is the first and the only uniquely prepared personal car to the Queen ever to by offered for public sale in the US. It is a fine automobile presented in original and superb condition, as used by one of the true icons of modern history.

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