As much as it runs against our colonial grain to say this, there are some perks to being a monarch. Aside from having an entire kingdom crammed full of palaces and an army of staff just waiting to cater to your every whim, you're evidently also free from prosecution under your country's courts. At least in the United Kingdom. As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth II can't be cited for traffic violations like, say, not wearing her seatbelt – something she was just caught doing. Why? Since the courts are conducted in her name, she would essentially be trying herself. You can see where that might become a bit of a sticky wicket.

Interestingly enough, the Queen isn't required to have a driver's license or to register her vehicle, either. Considering that Her Majesty enjoys spending time behind the wheel, those are both pretty good perks to have. Her custom 2001 Jaguar XJ8 recently cropped up for sale for close to $100,000, though it appears she's still driving a Daimler Super 8.

[Source: The Daily Mail I Image: Eliot Press//]

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