VIDEO: Zap Alias causes Korean singing/dancing ka-raziness

ZAP Alias song & dance– Click above to watch video after the jump

Move over hawt Volt dancers. Jump back Tesla dippin' rappers. It's become obvious that the Zap Alias – whose other-worldly looks might be put down to it being pulled from the seventh planet from the sun – has what it takes to really inspire an entertaining performance. That's right, the three-wheeled Progressive X-Prize competin' machine is now diamonds.

You want proof? We've got proof. The newly Jonway-joined company showed up in Korea the other day at its Samyang Optics customer (referred to more recently as its "distribution partner") with a copy of its traditional Xebra thingy, a last-gen Toyota RAV4 a new electric Zap-Jonway Taxi and the brilliant and glorious Alias. Apparently, the vehicles were to be put on display at the EV Korea expo.

Anyhoo, a passing group of fashionably attired young men with exquisite automotive taste took notice of the assemblage and after completely ignoring the dying Xebra and pausing only briefly at the taxi, locked onto the Alias with utter fascination. That's when the music kicked in and the singing and dancing began. Hit the jump to watch the Alias get rhapsodized Grease-style in Korean. If you dare.

[Source: YouTube / cnet]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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