Tesla Roadster rap – Click above to watch video after the jump

There's the right way to immortalize a car in song, and the wrong way. For every ode to the V-O-L-V-O 240, there's at least one Chevy Volt Song. Granted, the piece of fanboyism after the jump isn't nearly so toxic as the prepackaged corporate drivel served up in honor of the GM plug-in, but we'd still put it on the same level as shoveling week-old, unrefrigerated sushi down your gullet. It's just not something that we'd recommend, which is exactly why we've decided to post it here and share it with the masses.

Someone by the name of J Brave and a merry band of musicians under the name the Luminaries have taken it upon themselves to pontificate on the benefits of the Tesla Roadster in song. We'll be honest – we don't have a single musical bone in our body. It's why we're sitting here banging on a computer keyboard instead of rocking out on the ivories, but we know something worth listening to when we hear it, and this just ain't it. Hit the jump if you dare.

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[Source: YouTube]

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