Report: India goes on general strike to combat high fuel prices

Governments the world over are doing their best to stave off budget shortfalls, and India has taken to upping the cost of fuel to cover its overhead. Turns out the common man isn't much for those kinds of shenanigans. According to the BBC News, after fuel prices shot skyward, opposition to the ruling party initiated a strike that stuttered normal life in the country for a few days. Schools closed down, businesses shuttered their doors and transportation ground to a near halt with some flights and trains canceled. Even the nation's biggest trucking union sided with the strike, further complicating matters.

There's even some word that Toyota had to stop work at one of its facilities near Bangalore due to the disruptions. There's no news yet as to whether or not the prices have come back down, but Toyota has managed to get things moving again in its factory.

There is some indication that the public at large is more concerned about the higher price of cooking kerosene rather than the slight nudge in the cost of gasoline. Either way, we're thinking the powers that be will probably think twice before tweaking fuel prices again.

[Source: BBC News via The Truth About Cars | Image: Manish Swarup/The Associated Press]

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