India's Rickshaw Challenge is lunacy on three wheels

Any race that bills itself as, "As An Amazing Race For The Clinically Insane" had better be pretty special. Special like a 24 Hours of LeMons where all the drivers freebase psilocybin special. Good news – the Rickshaw Challenge seems to be just about that special.

Serious: participants are taken "into the heart of India, where you'll traverse every possible micro climate; from metropolis, tropical jungle, arid desert, ancient valleys and the epic coastline." And the whole race is run on three-wheeled Auto Rickshaws (yes, that blue thing). Why? Oh, you know, like... charity. Or something. But no matter the excuse, this race looks like one hundred pounds of fun in a fifty pound bag. I mean, just read through the pimpin' section.The Rickshaw Challenge runs four events per year and the Mumbai Xpress 2009 starts this Friday, July 31. Man, we wish were were signed up.


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