The BMW 6 Series Cabriolet is in the latter stages of pre-reveal testing, but has only now been caught in spy shots with its top down. The car's cloth-top lines are the same as on the current generation, slightly arched on top and running down into buttresses on either side of the vertical rear window that also serves as a wind deflector.
Even on the slightly rounder 2010 6 Series Cab, putting the top down makes the car seem a little longer. But with the streamlined body of the next iteration giving the appearance of more length in general, to our eyes this new car is fills our field of vision like the S.S. Tirpitz with its top stowed. Even so, 7 Series engines should give it plenty of motivation.

We look forward to checking it out at the Paris Motor Show in 90 days, if it fits...

[Source: GMotors Ireland]

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