Peugeot to resurrect Talbot brand as channel for cheap cars?

It's certainly possible. According to La Voz de Galicia, the French automaker is currently mulling the creation of a new sub-brand to break into the lower rungs of the inexpensive car market. Rather than go through the hassle of rustling up a whole new name, the company has looked to the past for inspiration. It came up with Talbot – a company that got its start early in the 20th century and puttered to a stop in 1986.
The name has a history of rising from the dead. In 1978, Peugeot pulled a similar stunt by bringing the Talbot name back from obscurity after Chrysler axed it a decade prior. During the revival, the brand mostly served as a dumping ground for former Chrysler Europe models. Needless to say, the resurrection didn't last long.

But if our Google Translator is to be believed, the most recent zombification of the Talbot moniker will have more to do with funky little entry-level machines than any sort of rebadging exercise. La Voz de Galicia claims that the brand will likely start off with just two models based loosely on existing Peugeot models, which would be manufactured at the Citroën factory in Vigo.

Is it possible? Sure. But the rumors could just as easily be smoke and mirrors. Thanks for the tip, Lucian!

[Source: La Voz de Galicia (translated)]

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