If you are a fan of the French Curves…no, get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about those curvaceous Art Deco French cars of the 1930s — you are in luck. Our friend Deidre Woollard over at Luxist reports that a red 1937 Talbot-Lago, a prime example of that era's voluptuous automotive sculptures will be on auction on Aug. 18th at Christie's Exceptional Motor Car Auction in Monterey, CA.

This particular one is built by Figoni et Falashi, the most fashionable of all French coachbuilders of its time, and is widely considered their most flamboyant design. Thanks to its aerodynamic form, the teardrop coupe can reach top speeds of 115 mph. And if you've ever seen one of these in person (I had the privilege of seeing one at the French Curves exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.), you'd understand how captivating this car is. Apparently Brooks Stevens, the famous industrial designer, agrees, as he bought the car immediately after he spotted one parked outside a local restaurant in 1950.

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