Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren crypt – Click above to watch video after the jump

Objects have a way of moving through time in a way that we as mere humans can only dream of. Given the proper storage environment, limited humidity, a little care and a lot of good luck, a car can sail through the decades without a scratch. While owners fade to dust and the powers that brought them from vision to reality wander from memory, the vehicles themselves continue on just as they were in the moments of their highest glory. If you've been very, very lucky, you just might have experienced something like the video after the jump.

While we doubt too many people get private tours of the McLaren storage center, it's entirely possible that you've had a one-on-one moment with a special car of some kind. Maybe it belonged to an uncle, grandfather or parent, or maybe you reached out and touched a famous racer while the museum guards weren't watching. Either way, it's easy to feel the weight of years slip off so that you might make a connection with another point in time.

A new video has cropped up showing Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton as they poke around in the McLaren garage, and what they find is something more than special. Hop the jump to see for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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