Rumormill: Audi considering A1 Allroad

2007 Audi Cross Coupé concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Apparently not content to let Mini hog the small premium crossover segment with its new Countryman, Audi is reportedly working on an Allroad version of the A1.

The A1 three-door hatchback goes on sale this year with a five-door coming in 2011. A higher-riding crossover variant could come by 2013 and follow in the path of previous Audi Allroad editions with arch extensions, bigger wheel and tires and possibly even all-wheel drive. A quattro variant hasn't yet been confirmed, although Volkswagen is reportedly working on an all-wheel drive variant of the Volkswagen CrossPolo which shares its platform with the little Audi. Given Audi's 30-year commitment to quattro, we'd bet on both variants for the A1 Allroad – but of course, we were surprised when the A1 hatch arrived with only its front wheels driven...

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[Source: AutoZietung (translated)]

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