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The number of adjectives and qualifiers it takes to be the "first" something these days is often pretty long. First person to fly? Been done. First person to fly while asleep and upside down in a rusted plane from 1965? That record is still waiting to be claimed. Maybe.

So, now, we present what is being calling the "first hydrogen powered eco race car." Sure, there have been other H2-powered race vehicles, but this was, according to Hessgen, the team behind the car, the first time in history when "hydrogen was mixed with race fuel to power a 700 HP Trophy Truck on the roughest 500 mile course" in Baja California. The truck and hydrogen powertrain survived a roll-over and covered the 500-mile distance in 21 hours and 40 minutes.

The rally truck was built by Brian Hess, the founder and inventor of Hessgen (the name applies to both the technology and the company promoting that technology). The Hessgen system uses electrolysis to add hydrogen to whatever liquid fuel the car's powertrain already burns. During the Baja race, the Hessgen truck supposedly burned "considerably less fuel and registered tremendously reduced carbon emissions exceeding all expectations." You can find the company's suitably vague informational PDF about the technology here. The Hessgen press release is after the break. It reads like something a WWE announcer would say.

[Source: Hessgen]


First Hydrogen Powered Eco Race Car #88
HYDROGEN POWERED RACE CAR tackles Baja California
"The Roughest Race on the Planet" by 500 miles...

San Diego, June 24 /PRNewswire/ - For the first time in history hydrogen was mixed with race fuel to power a 700 HP Trophy Truck on the roughest 500 mile course in history. Against all odds and a sea of skepticism from the off-road community Hessgen Hydrogen powered #88 lined up to do battle with the best in the business. It was a testament of complete commitment, will and strength that got the team through 500 miles of the meanest, roughest and worst roads on the planet.

Brian Hess (Hessgen founder/inventor) is a self-made entrepreneur who has experienced business in tough arenas. He is known for his tenacious pit-bull like determination when it comes to challenges both business and personal. He lives by his motto "all in and never give up" no matter what the odds or obstacles presented before him.

The Baja race course proved to be nastier than expected, by race mile 5 Hess had flipped the truck over and the entire plan lay on its back in a ditch. With enormous help from the Mexican people watching the race and a quick "hotwire of a forklift" by Hess, trophy truck #88 was back in business and back on course in less than 90 minutes. The hydrogen system located on the top rear section of the truck had survived the crash and was still working flawlessly! This alone proved that the Hessgen System is safe in an impact-rollover crash and tough enough to meet the demands of everyday over the road driving.

Fast forward 500 brutal miles, just over 21 hours and 40 minutes later without rest, the relentless Hess in his Hydrogen powered truck finished the journey. Trophy truck #88 had finished the race burning considerably less fuel and registered tremendously reduced carbon emissions exceeding all expectations. Taunted and labeled as crazy, this rookie driver had achieved his goals on all levels. The Race would be a milestone in the history of the treacherous Baja 500 and more importantly for the Global Eco Structure, christening this new Bi-fuel HYDROGEN POWER in a 700 HP off road truck.

Today's automotive related carbon emissions have a choke hold on the environment, it was Hess's vision to show the world that ALTERNATIVE FUEL SOLUTIONS particularly the Hessgen-On-Demand system is not only safe, but available and ready to be introduced to the market. The company had been gaining traction behind a developmental curtain for the last three years which was recently torn away by forward thinking environmentally conscious European investors after their discovery of Hessgen Inc.'s creation.

Hessgen Inc. is due to be listed on the Deutsche Borse Exchange and trading of its stock will begin by the end of June 2010. www.deutsche-borse.com

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