Who's Zoomin' Who? Ad agency behind longtime Mazda campaign reportedly broomed

Mazda commercials end with the written line, "Zoom Zoom. Forever," and there are few who aren't familiar with that little boy whispering "Zoom Zoom." But while the tagline might be akin to a diamond from De Beers, the 13-year relationship between Mazda and the firm that created it isn't forever at all. Mazda has left the agency for Team Detroit/WPP, perhaps taking the little boy with them.

One of the rare slogans taken all around the world in its untranslated state, the firm's commercials of late have seemed to focus on the blue checkered flag. A Mazda marketing exec once said, "The exhilaration we felt as a child shooting down a hill on our bike, this is what Zoom-Zoom means at its most basic level." That's a hard message to get from a flag – which could be the reason for the agency change in the first place.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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