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Sure, it may seem like now, more than ever, it's time for America to get serious about energy independence. And, in some ways, it is. President Obama's speech about the oil spill in the Gulf this week showed that, as does his administration's focus on funding cleaner cars and renewable energy. But the truth is, we've literally heard it all before, as Jon Stewart so wonderfully showed us this week on The Daily Show. Stewart put together a video mash-up of all of the last eight presidents (including Obama) who have all gone on television to basically give the same speech about how Americans can now, finally work together to reduce our oil use. Or, as Stewart put it, "We are an unstoppable, oil-breaking machine. Unfortunately, the machine runs on oil."

Thanks to Joe V. for the tip, who added, "This sums it all up." You can watch it after the jump. It's funny, but not exactly enjoyable. Happy Friday!

[Source: The Daily Show]

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